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Rookie Meet Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Hey people!

I was just wondering if anybody in the Glasgow or Edinburgh area or anywhere inbetween would be interested in a meet up for Rookie Mag readers? We could do crafts, zinemaking and the like? Repost if you are interested :) 

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    Edinburgh, please
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  5. oberjean answered: I would also go to one in Edinburgh! Glasgow is also fine for me.
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  7. sazmeow answered: I would go to one in Edinburgh!
  8. heybe-atles answered: im down if its in edinburgh!
  9. iyanekaputra answered: join me !
  10. soinovando answered: I would love to participate!! More i live too far away!!
  11. bushwoolies answered: London.
  12. lilyosman answered: nonononoononononon LONDON london london london
  13. nihilistic-not-reckless answered: I’m in Newcastle right now, but I’m down!
  14. dolphinmania answered: I’d def go! preferably Glasgow though
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  16. i-am-ramona-flowers answered: Melbourne, Australia :(
  17. desperatelyseekingsubmission answered: um im in nz and im going to the uk. and i will go anywhere for a rookie meet up
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    (Standard disclaimer: these meetups we reblog are organized by and for readers and are not officially, nor...
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